Gardening Services:

Have you always wanted to garden but though it too hard, too strenuous, too expensive or too many chemicals? If you have thought any of the above we can help you. Dragonfly Ranch is committed to sharing our passion for gardening and can help you develop your own garden no matter your restrictions on abilities, space and/or time.


We can help with a large acreage or just a small container for your patio. Our passion for gardening and for helping others grow their own food grew from starting our won small garden to try and eat healthier. We want to show you how easy and fun it can be to grow your own food. It is the most rewarding thing to be able to go out to your yard or patio and pick dinner or hrbs to use in your cooking. Contact us now at to find classes in your area or to find out how you can come to the ranch and learn in the very garden that grows for Dragonfly Ranch Organics.

LAWNS and LANDSCAPING: Do you love your lawn but wish you could use less chemicals? Do you desire a lawn but have only sand and dust devils to keep you company? Our Turf Management Specialist and Organic Specialist are here for your lawn and landscaping needs. With decades of turf management experience we can help you turn your sand bar into a lawn your neighbors will be "green" with envy over. Call us today to start planning your new and improved lawn. It is easier than you think and once established it is a snap to maintain. E-mail our turf management specialist directly at to get started today!